Camp Creek 21 July 2014

It was a great weekend! Loved being in Waverly, snapping my own photo of the little horse and enjoying some ice cream with my family. This was our fourth time there and we are already looking forward to next year!

Sally Gerard

4Starcolthand sheller

We spent the weekend visiting family and attending a really awesome farm show put on by the Camp Creek Threshers. This show has been going on for 39 years on the current show site, but we were told by one of the founding member’s sons that they started counting when they formed the club. They actually held threshing bees for several years before that!

Preserving the rural traditions that built this country is so important. Many people have no idea where their food even comes from, but think it must just appear in small colorful boxes in the freezer section of their grocery store. At this show, bunches of kids think it is the greatest thing since sliced break to run a hand corn sheller and then see the corn ground into meal by a gristmill. What? That makes corn bread, that powder? Cool. Then they go into the shed…

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