The Beloved Community

Cleaning up some documents on my laptop today I came across this poem I wrote a couple of years ago. I remember writing it after being inspired by writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. He talked about the beloved community. I hope we can reach for that idea in this election season. That is my prayer today.

It comes at the beginning with the ruach of Yahweh.
A life-giving breath that loves from the start.
It’s meant to give life to all of creation.
It keeps all together, we each are a part.

Early on in the story of this time in the light.
Sin enters and alters the beauty created.
Hands made for embracing start grabbing instead.
Community is broken so that greed may be sated.

Yahweh’s love for the world he had breathed into being.
Now came in the form we call incarnational.
His logos, his word, his infinite glory.
Came into our midst, this love so relational!

He showed us by coming alongside us in life.
His mount-given sermon, was offered to all.
Quit worrying! No anger! Share what you have.
Forgiving each other in life sacrificial.

And laying down his life for the sake of this world.
He showed us the way to give to each other.
When we let go what’s inside our tightly clenched fists.
And offer what’s there in love to another.
They’re now in position to receive in return.
A generous measure of love from the father.
Hands again open to embrace, not to grab,
Hands open to sister and open to brother.

Together we’re called to this wonderful life.
Together we’re called to this costly sacrifice.
It’s all that we need, it will surely suffice.
Beloved community, and abundant life.


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